Why Recycle?


Recycling Is Good For The Environment

It takes less energy to create new items from recycled materials than it does to create new products from raw materials.
Mining minerals and milling trees into lumber requires a vast amount of energy.  Recycling allows us to reuse materials
several times to conserve natural resources while creating the products we use in our everyday lives.


Recycling Is Good For Communities

Extracting materials from mines or forests is done far from the place where goods are consumed; however, recycling starts
in your own home.  Gathering recyclables and reprocessing them into feedstock for future products is done locally by people
who live, work, and spend money in their own communities.

New life

Recycling Reduces Pollution

Burning garbage or throwing waste into landfills produce byproducts that pollute the environment.  Runoff from landfills and
metals like mercury find their way into streams, rivers and oceans, fish, and eventually into human beings, harming our health.

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